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Who is Successfully Working With an Abstraction Layer and Are There Examples?

Digitized Business Functions 101

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The success of an enterprise using an abstraction layer should be measured in terms of their ability to gain competitive advantage by leveraging this approach. There are a few exceptional enterprises who have already utilized an abstraction layer to amazing result.

As discussed in our abstraction layer 101 series, the blended approach means reinvention: a move away from an enterprise where people either understand the business or the technology, to a cohesive integrated team that truly understand both the what and the how.

This video shows and example of how this works end to end.

It uses the example of an insurance company wishing to enhance their offering in Life insurance, by adding a mobile app that tracks users’ commitment to fitness goals, rewarding them with a reduced policy fee on completion of these goals. Business individuals start by working with the abstraction layer to identify capabilities and processes required to market test this idea. Then, developers who are mainly focused on building the App, can use the generated API’s (generated automatically from the abstraction layer – including access to 3rd party APIs like FitBit), which have been made available to them in their familiar development environment through their CI/CD systems.

There is also a series of role specific demos that dig deeper into each person’s interaction with the ignite platform and shows how ignite helps them deliver their top 3 priorities. You can watch them below:

Enterprise Architect

API Product Manager

API Designer

Development Teams

Information Architect

Digital Teams

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