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How To Get Digital In 1 Month (Infographic)

First things first — What does get digital even mean?  There were many moments along the way when we thought we knew, from the point-to-point spaghetti messes to the SOA days. But each time, a new methodology came forward to outperform the one before it, despite the copious amounts of hours, energy, and budget invested.

If you work at an enterprise, you are in perhaps the most interesting position amidst the backdrop of the brave new world of digital. In some ways, you might feel at a disadvantage to the inherently tech-savvy start-ups. On the other hand, you have the experience. You also have the customer base, systems that have stood the test of time, and incredibly complex data sets just waiting to be unlocked to the advantage of both, internal and external users. Your company is built on all of the right ingredients that got you where you are — so what’s next? How to take the lessons learned and prepare for the next big upset? The good news is, you don’t have to start from scratch.

Within the silos of every company are golden haystacks of data, services, mappings, et cetera. The challenge is unlocking them. Turning them into an enterprise service portfolio with ready-to-use API Products, and making those Products available for whatever comes next. We believe that the only way is to build a holistic repository and lifecycle for both, business and IT owners, and consuming stakeholders. That the possibilities of scale really open up when you can provide design-time artifacts your teams can plug directly into. When you can plan, design, and build the common flows across lines of business (and regions) with reusable microservice building blocks and starter pack code for fast delivery. And we have just the platform to get you there.

Let’s get digital — in 1 month.

Our ignite platform is unique in that it allows you to plug in your existing “stuff” (everything from sections of your digital products down to your services, spreadsheets, and stakeholder systems) into a searchable, discoverable repository for quick and easy reuse. After all, you built your empire on these proven products and systems. So why should you have to cast them out when you hop on the digital transformation train?

But we’re not just here to help you pack your best outfits into your suitcase. With the ignite Starter Pack program, you can filter and categorize point-to-point web services and one-off APIs, add valuable business metadata, and publish for enterprise use.

Next, you can publish your resources for RESTful API design, based on business-driven canonical models (or use one from our included industry pack, if you’re in a hurry). Get everyone in your company or within a business domain on the same page and using the same resources while you define domain ownership of your API Products and Resource Methods. Now every microservice is aligned to the proper business function. This way, business ideas are turned into delivered projects, digital products, and accomplished goals.

And it’s smooth sailing from there. After you set up your API Portfolio with ignite, you are set to jet through the Plan, Design, and Build phases to deploy to Run, with the ability to generate consistent, appealing, artifacts in hours (yes, you read that right).

Data-as-an-asset-blog get digital

What it means to be truly digital, in numbers.

10-20 Business Domains (e.g. Payments, Claims, Inventory, Member) — these are the core entities that made you a Fortune 1000 company in the first place.

10-15% added to your top line revenue if you can offer an end-to-end seamless experience at scale across your Domains. And think of the innovation this will generate.

400-2,000 API Products, realized as microservices, built from resource methods (e.g. Schedule Payment, Claim Type, Product ID, Member Eligibility) that unlock your business functions. These are the capabilities you’re racing to share both, internally to achieve consistency and speed time to market, and externally to extend your reach.

Having an API Portfolio is the only way to accomplish digital transformation and IT modernization. It’s all or nothing — if you don’t have every function exposed, you’re missing out on what our customers are seeing:

  • $3.5 million of cost savings in year 1.
  • $100’s of millions leveraging existing assets to drive new digital revenue over the next 2 years.
  • 10x the reuse of their API Products with simplified governance, visibility, and lineage.

Download the Six Steps to Uncovering Your Enterprise Portfolio infographic.

Want to learn more? Ready to meet your API Portfolio? Book a consultation now.

Not ready yet? If you’re still pondering on your data strategy, we understand the struggle. In the meantime, please enjoy this meme as you think over the task ahead:

lets get digital olivia-newton-john


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