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6 API Design Tactics to Ensure Enterprise Rollout

You’ve put your time into great API designs. You chose what was best for the business, checked all of the…
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Beyond the Buzz: API Management Theory vs. Implementation

The API Management Theory In an effort to dip into digital, many turn to API Management solutions to launch a…
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What’s in an API Catalog?

What’s in an API Catalog? This is the first in a series of what API Portfolios look like per industry.…
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Business Drivers for Microservices Adoption: The Big 3

APIs, microservices, applications, services — call them what you will, but you better be calling them. The API economy has…
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Interoperability Matters For Your Big Data Strategy, Too

In Canonical Models Should Be A Core Component Of Your API Strategy, we explored why your canonical model is so…
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Update Your Reuse Strategy For The Era of APIs, Mobile, And Cloud

Enterprises pursing a SOA strategy over the last decade often put increasing reuse high on their list of objectives, reasoning…