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Why API Design, Why Now?

Why API design? No matter your company’s size, you’ve likely tapped into the usefulness of the simplified calls of APIs…
API Designer

API Design and Implementation: Out of Sync? Musings from our Chief Architect.

One of the questions I am often asked is “What happens when the design gets out of sync with what’s…
API Management

API Lifecycle: Design Stage (Part 2 of 4)

This series covers an overview of the 4 API lifecycle stages with digitalML’s ignite scaling platform. It’s an enterprise platform…
API Management

Introducing Accelerators, a New Lite Interface in ignite

This week we’re excited to announce the release of ignite accelerators, a new lite interface that can be found in…
API Product Design

7 Benefits of Using a Resource Model While Designing RESTful APIs

When designing great APIs you have a massive opportunity to help your business create new revenue streams and partnership opportunities.…