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Introducing Accelerators, a New Lite Interface in ignite

This week we’re excited to announce the release of ignite accelerators, a new lite interface that can be found in the ignite API and Service design management platform. They streamline the building of well-designed artifacts that help you create your portfolio faster. In a few questions and a couple minutes you get customized, consistent, and complete runtime ready artifacts that support your business goals.

I’ve worked long enough in software design to know that while it’s tempting to quickly “hack” something – it always, always, comes back to bite you. So I’ve tried to always to make it quicker and easier to design things properly, so that when tight deadlines come in you have the best chance of still producing properly designed and robust software.

Partly it’s through tooling, partly architecture and technologies employed, and partly by sensible conventions… and the simpler it is to specify, the less likely people will “hack.”

API design is no different – and at digitalML we’re passionate about ensuing good design is at the heart of your API portfolio, that good design isn’t limited to a few overworked individuals but something permeating throughout the business.

The challenge is that there’s a lot of detail in providing a great API – after all they are a window into your business… so it not just their shape and behavior, but the information flow supporting them which is critical to your success. Even with a design platform like ignite, there are a lot of things to consider. The question I always ask is “how can we help make it simpler and quicker?” or “how can I produce a good and complete MVP API in 60 seconds?”

We believe it’s better to reuse and extend than continually re-implement… so shouldn’t it be as simple as saying “I want this API, but with this extra field….” Why can’t the system create an adapter with the extra information already present?

So we created ignite accelerators. Each accelerator has a particular activity in mind – the “what”, and guides you though the activity using familiar terminologies for your own business and then makes all the changes for you so you don’t worry about the “how.”

ICS-Guides-GetAPI ignite accelerators

Take adding security to your API…

Realistically not everyone knows about BasicAuth or OAuth… about HTTP or HTTPS… but you do know if some of the information your API deals with is sensitive or not. So the security accelerator asks “what information in this API is sensitive?” And so once it knows that a credit card number is being sent over the wire, then it can ensure that proper masks are applied, and that you require HTTPS, and that BasicAuth won’t cut it… so all the security guidelines are adhered to automatically.

Even though we all aim to expose business information and processes through APIs, every company is different – different terminology, different processes, and different regulations. Because the accelerators are inherently flexible they can be tailored to be familiar…


But they work best when combined with our customizable “completeness report” which aims to clearly show how complete your APIs are. And complete doesn’t mean just that you have a swagger file… it checks to ensure security is present, to ensure that you’re using consistent models, to ensure that you’ve described it well so it’s useful to the wider business… accelerators can be used to easily make your APIs more complete.

ICS-Guides-CompleteAPI ignite accelerator


If you want to see how they can help you with your specific needs, schedule a demo now or email us.




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