Citizen Developer: Become a Citizen Developer and Get Your Ideas in Motion

How Can ignite Help Me?

Accelerator guides for citizen developers

ignite’s accelerators guide digital business roles, AKA citizen developers, through each stage of the API development lifecycle — with a series of simplified interfaces that tie to greater complexities underneath. This way, all of the right details are captured as you move from idea to delivery.

Create innovative digital experiences

Customer Journeys are really a series of digital experiences backed by API Products. Discover the benefit of having an innovation lab (Service Catalog) right in your own backyard — an innovation lab already plugged into your business’s core capabilities.

Your self-service platform to build digital

How much can you self-serve on realizing your own Big Idea? Backing every digital experience is an API. To plan an API Product, simply search the catalog for the right building blocks (internal and third party capabilities) you need to bring an experience to life and ignite generates code templates from your design template.

    Digital Products Underpinned by API Products with ignite

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    Digital Products Underpinned by API Products with ignite


    The Full API Lifecycle -- Digital Opportunities in Insurance and Healthcare


    Product Views: Digital Products Underpinned by API Products with ignite

    Self-Service Channel for Market Testing

    With ignite’s self-serviceable API Catalog, you can search and discover what’s available across the enterprise, then combine existing building blocks in innovating ways, adding your proposed API Product to a Wishlist so API designers know the exact components you need.

    Browse View 

    The Browse View provides a high-level view of your global catalog divided into the three categories of API Products, building blocks, and third-party APIs. You can expand a service to get a more granular view of details that make up each API.

    Business Capability Tile View 

    The Business Capability Tile view allows you to see how many APIs are currently present in each domain, who owns them, and how they’re being used. You can also see which products are currently being supported by them.