API Developer: Working with Code Generated from Design and Deployed to SCM

How Can ignite Help Me?

Only business rules manual coding required

Most enterprises need 400-2,000 APIs to build out their service catalogs — a backlog that size needs to scale. By using a series of design templates to generate code and deploy directly to SCM, ignite enables API developers to simply review code and add business logic, rather than handcode from scratch.

Faster delivery & fewer errors

Do more… by doing less. ignite lets you start building immediately, knowing you’ll have ample time to focus on the important details — reuse or extend existing APIs and methods you need and let the platform handle design standards and boilerplate.

Build APIs consumers love to use

The API Products you build shouldn’t need to change fundamentally. But API consumers should be able to self-serve on their own reuse or extension. ignite’s accelerators guide them through the minor changes needed to consume your API for their applications.

    Agile API Delivery with ignite

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    Agile API Delivery with ignite


    The Full API Lifecycle -- Digital Opportunities in Insurance and Healthcare


    Product Views: Agile API Delivery with ignite

    Code Snippets 

    ignite produces targeted documentation, including only the needed API methods, in one convenient place so you copy and paste the technology that you choose into your client application.

    Completion Guides 

    The completion guide ensures each of your designated data standards get the greenlight so you know how your APIs are being used and where.

    The Browse View 

    You can expand a service to get a more granular view of the resource methods, lineage, workflows, associated taxonomy and glossary terms, NFRs, and SLAs that make up each API.

    Jira Integration 

    ignite integrates seamlessly with Jira to send an entry to team backlogs when an API product is marked as complete. This will link to the design specification in ignite, as well as any extra descriptions of the customer stories that need support.

    Searchable, Holistic Repository 

    Everything is mapped to the Business Glossary so your global teams have search access to what’s been built and what needs to be built.