Development Executive: Introducing the New Paradigm of Design-Driven Development

How Can ignite Help Me?

Driving development from design to CI/CD

With the ability to abstract find-and-combine building blocks away from backend systems, you’re able to expose API consumers directly to business functions, rather than applications. Use ignite to group components into products and generate artifacts directly to CI/CD.

Automating the pipeline for your fastest delivery

With building blocks managed upstream, development teams are freed from hours of manual work otherwise spent rebuilding services or regathering requirements. With ignite, they simply add business logic, integrate, and hit their sprints at 7x faster time to market.

Great architecture brings together multiple pieces

The ignite service catalog allows you to export artifacts and updates directly to your multiple runtime environments, reporting realtime updates back to your catalog — thereby giving you the best view of all the pieces that make up your end-to-end story.

    Refactoring Microservices with ignite

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    Refactoring APIs Into Microservices with ignite API Product Management


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