Business Strategist: Tie Digital ROI Directly to Your PNL Initiatives

From Idea to Delivery with ignite

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ignite API Product Management Life Cycle | How to Build a "Quick Claims" Digital Product


Digital Products Underpinned by API Products with ignite


DigitalML | APIs and the race to become a digital disrupter


Behind Every Digital Business Function is an API Product

API products – The secret sauce behind the digital enterprise.

Every company is in transition to become a digital enterprise, but exceptional companies are asking the most disruptive question: how do we leverage what we already have to create reusable API Products and scale true digital transformation?

This visionary API Product mindset brings business and IT together over one platform to speak the same language and put business-led ideas into market-testable digital products at unprecedented speed.

The ignite API Product Management Platform aligns Business and IT throughout the full lifecycle for the smooth, successful transition to digital market leadership. From idea to delivery.

Manage the success of your API strategy.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have live data streaming back the progress in an easy-to-read dashboard, from all digital environments? One place for all of your digital production and performance views?

With ignite, you have visibility into the most important digital transformation metrics. So you finally have the end-to-end story on key performance indicators, such as:

  • How many API Products have been launched?
  • How many are successful?
  • What’s the ROI?
  • How can we innovate even further?
  • And so much more.