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Are There Existing Frameworks I Can Leverage to Get Digitized Business Functions?

Digitized Business Functions 101

In previous posts we have explained the concept of digitzed business functions and what an abstraction layer of them actually looks like. Now let’s take a look at how you can leverage existing frameworks to get there.

Once you have imported all your existing services (APIs, Microservices and legacy services) into a holistic service catalog like ignite from digitalML, the assets need to be abstracted form any particular technology and coding standard. Ignite makes this easy by automatically displaying your imported assets as modularized components.

You will now have a collection of IT capabilities expressed as components.

This is a great starting place, making it easy to identify and refine:

  1. Assets which need to be cleansed of duplicates
  2. How they need to be cataloged to make sense to the business
  3. The services which are reusable, linking them to a business capability model, a business glossary and an information model to encourage reuse.


ignite foundation packs and tools help you get there

digitalML has combined years of customer experience with existing industry standards to help you tackle this initial set of steps. With ignite comes a foundation pack for your industry (Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail are currently available; other sector packs are in the pipeline). These packs include Business capability models, domain-based information models (sometimes referred to as Canonical Models), Business glossaries, and a pre-built set of abstracted business capability building blocks.

Together, these provide a quick and convenient way of categorizing and classifying your existing services, as well as help in abstracting services into capabilities which can then easily be refined and combined.

Also bundled with ignite are several tools that help automate the process described above, so you can quickly get to a catalog that brings real value to the business. If you already have existing models, there is tooling available to use them either instead of, or as an addition to, those provided in the foundation pack.

An abstraction layer used to be mainly an academic because past technology could not connect it to your existing landscape effectively. The next step is to learn why this is no longer the case when combined with a platform like ignite.

Andy Medlicott

Andy is a digital expert and Lead Engineer at Waitrose and Partners. He has a passion for harnessing technology and industry trends to ensure excellent engineering practice which in turn delivers consistently high quality solutions.

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