API Product Manager: Managing and Scaling the API Channel

Critical Capabilities

  • Managing and Monitoring APIs/API Products: Ensuring your API catalog is comprehensive and performant to support market testing business ideas, exploring entries into new opportunities, participating in the API Economy and scaling what performs

How Can ignite Help Me?

Monitor the success & business value of your API Products

As you build coverage in your Service Catalog, you gain powerful high-level views of your company’s entire end-to-end digital story. After all, every digital interaction hinges on APIs. ignite equips API Product Managers with realtime metrics to report on KPIs like how many APIs you’ve launched, how many are successful, the ROI, and what’s in the pipeline.

Scale up your number of API Products easily

With a holistic service catalog of digitized business functions, your existing assets are easy to find, combine and deploy as new API Products to deliver new digital initiatives. With automation of parts of the API lifecycle, you can rapidly scale your number of API Products to meet the needs of the business.

An API Product for every business function

The days of point-to-point APIs are numbered. Customer-centricity demands scale. Business has a long list of ideas, and ignite enables them to build quickly with prepackaged building blocks that make development a job of assembly. This is the design-first way; from one blueprint, infinite possibilities.

    Managing API Products with ignite

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    Planning, Prioritizing, and Managing API Products with ignite


    The Full API Lifecycle -- Digital Opportunities in Insurance and Healthcare


    Product Views: Managing APIs with ignite

    Business Capability Tile View

    The Business Capability Tile view allows you to see how many APIs are currently present, who owns them, and how they’re being used. You can also see which products are supported.

    API Capability Model

    With the API Capability Model you can drill into your business domains to track the state of the APIs, the owner, and the details, while the rest of the business can see which APIs you’ll be supporting in the future.

    Completion Guides

    Rather than having to contact and wait for a response from operations, ignite allows you to quickly identify what is causing a hang up.

    Self-Serviceable API Catalog

    Now that business has the self-serviceability to discover what’s available and build out a Wishlist of API Products and capability APIs, you can accurately prioritize, estimate ROI, and predict how much time it will take to launch applications.