API Designer: Create Sophisticated Designs That Drive The Generation And Management of World Class APIs

How Can ignite Help Me?

Complete the detailed design so ignite can generate new APIs

With ignite, you have visibility on your global enterprise catalog of API Products and Capability APIs. From there, you can create new, extend existing, or reuse APIs from common Domain-Based Information Models. You’re empowered to make better decisions that support the business, without exception.

Filling in detail on API Products to meet business needs

You build standardized design building blocks. ignite generates all of the runtime elements from the design. And our Customized Accelerators ensure every deliverable is complete and consumable, baking consistency into the process.

“Outside-in” business-led APIs designed for reuse

Every customer journey is really a series of digital experiences backed by APIs. ignite helps you design domain-based, business-led API Products with the ability to reuse, extend, and extract details at the right granularity. So API Designers are enabled to be a part of the Agile team, working alongside the API Product Manager, and getting the full picture of what the business needs.


    Designing APIs with ignite

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    API Designs for Global Consistency and Local Relevance


    The Full API Lifecycle -- Digital Opportunities in Insurance and Healthcare


    Product Views: API Designs for Global Consistency and Local Relevance

    5-Step API Accelerator 

    The 5-step Design accelerator can be customized for what the business requires (e.g. compliance standards) to build error-free API Products that meet compliance and data standards so what’s designed is actually what’s developed.

    Completion Guide 

    The summary guide, or completion guide, shows the high-level view of how close your API is to being production-ready.

    Workbench View: Operation Details 

    Here you can capture far more than simply the shape or interface of the API, as you would with a Swagger or WSDL document. Use cases, SLAs, design decisions, as well as the orchestration and data mapping to other API systems, which are all used by the Completion Guides to make sure nothing is overlooked.

    Mapping to the Business Glossary 

    As ignite knows the Domain-Based Information Models and the context map by the business service, you need only make the mappings once to have continuous lineage and reuse.

    DevOps Dashboard 

    After making a change, such as throttling, you can check in the DevOps dashboard to make sure you haven’t unintentionally changed anything in production.