API Lifecycle: Run Stage (Part 4 of 4)
ignite Runtime Agile API Development

Hello again, and welcome to the final post in our series on the ignite API Product Management Lifecycle, starring our very unique ignite platform. If you’re visiting for the first time at the Run stage, we encourage you to check out the other lifecycle stages to understand the events typically leading up to Run — but […]

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6 Takeaways on Digital Success: Heard at the Conference
6 Takeaways on Digital Success

Hello, and welcome back — we’re just catching a breath after last week’s ignite API Product Management User Conference, held at the chic-edgy Convene Center, just south of NYC’s Grand Central Terminal. To provide a little background, we hold ignite User Conferences to bring customers and prospects together to discuss a.) what the digital business […]

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The Insurance Innovation Story

Prologue: Lessons From a Parallel Narrative When we look at the disruption story of other industry verticals, it appears insurance falls somewhere on the spectrum between healthcare and banking. A bit quicker than healthcare to adopt a culture of innovation, and coming up fast on the financial sector. A sweet spot, of sorts — as a […]

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The Top 10 Trends in Healthcare Innovation are all Underpinned by API Products
healthcare innovation trends 2017 -- all backed by apis

You’ve heard us say it about every other industry — well, this one’s no different; API Products are behind every initiative in healthcare innovation. Why is that? What’s so special about this singular technology that demands the attention of every single industry? For one, those simplified calls between databases known as APIs (Application Programing Interfaces) offer tech-agnostic integration with nearly every existing technology […]

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