The Top 10 Trends in Healthcare Innovation are all Underpinned by API Products
healthcare innovation trends 2017 -- all backed by apis

You’ve heard us say it about every other industry — well, this one’s no different; API Products are behind every initiative in healthcare innovation. Why is that? What’s so special about this singular technology that demands the attention of every single industry? For one, those simplified calls between databases known as APIs (Application Programing Interfaces) offer tech-agnostic integration with nearly every existing technology […]

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API Portfolio Reporting: Will public companies be expected to report on their API Products?
Will API Portfolio reporting become the standard?

The API Portfolio is becoming an important asset to every market leader’s business strategy. So should APIs be included in the 10-K? A great API Product strategy appears to be an enormous factor behind the success of today’s digital market leaders. Every enterprise is following in the footsteps of Amazon, externalizing their data and building out their core business […]

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Retail APIs Are Unlocking Magical Customer Experiences

It’s an exciting time to be in retail. With disruption abound, the scene is ripe for the opportunist to make the right moves and gain traction where others fail to hit the mark. While many are at helm tackling the challenges of disruption, digital transformation, and IT modernization, some retailers are turning the ship around […]

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Business Drivers for Microservices Adoption: The Big 3

APIs, microservices, applications, services — call them what you will, but you better be calling them. The API economy has arrived, and businesses everywhere are racing to get up to speed, to get digital, join the conversation, and make those conversions. So what’s causing the digital stampede? We’re seeing 3 drivers behind the big business […]

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